Basic Knowledge of Explosives with Military Products and Risks (Online Training)


Basic Knowledge of Explosives with Military Products and Risks

This training provides a foundational understanding of explosive materials, military products, and the associated risks of handling explosive items, regardless of your role within the company. This is a digital course that you can complete at your own pace on a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.
If you work at a company that manufactures or handles military products, this is the right training for you! No prior knowledge is required, and it is suitable for everyone.

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  • History of explosives
  • Basic terms
  • Deflagration and detonation
  • Explosive products (Primers, explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics)
  • Risks, sensitivity, and fire Protection

The goal is to provide a basic understanding of explosives, their uses, and properties upon completing the training. Additionally, and you will gain knowledge of the fundamental risks in handling explosive materials.
After successfully passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate that can be downloaded.

Price: 7500 SEK (excluding VAT) before any membership discounts. We apply a 30-day payment term.

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